Early Years Program – School Fees 2017-2018

*All amounts are in US Dollars

Registration                                         1,000 (New students only)
Annual Capital Levy                            300 per year

EY1 (2yrs-3yrs) and EY2 (4yrs-5yrs)

½ days, 3 days per week                    3,040 per year  or  1,015 per term

½ days, 5 days per week                    4,340 per year  or  1,450 per term

Full day, 5 days per week                   6,200 per year  or  2,065 per term

Lunch (optional)                                  615 per year     or  205 per term

Discount for Siblings                          5% discount for each additional child from the same family.

Payment Due Date                               Fees are due no later than 28th August 2017. Amounts outstanding after this date attract a 2% penalty.